Boris Barksdale picks: Inspirations for Eternal Remorse [EFAE005]

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Boris Barksdale picks: Inspirations for Eternal Remorse


”Hello Zenevloed, I’m Boris Barksdale. I was born in Belgrade in ‘86 and I was raised in Greece.”

On younger years

…I grew up in a small town in northern Greece where the graffiti and hip hop culture were very influential on me while I started exploring music. That played a critical role on how I see today’s music and how I express myself as an artist! As an anti-everything youngster I used to travel very often in Belgrade, because of my family. So there I got my very first strong influences in electronic music!….Huge raves and really good dj’s at that time! It also had a critical impact on me as a future dj!

Later on after school, I spent some years in London and Birmingham to study Architecture. There I basically started making beats. With a pair of headphones and a DAW I started digging into it! The techno scene in the UK at that time was a bit confusing and transitional, but still the 50hz North London jacking scene was active!


On how the release of Eternal Remorse came about

It was about a year ago when E.F.A.E [Gonçalo Salgado] got in touch with me, still while I had the track ”Geezer” up on my SC page. He wanted to release it and I recognized instantly the label’s character as very original and conceptual. A very important thing for an artist to motivate him even more! So basically that track gave birth to this release along with the other tunes that represent me and the various styles that I wanted to portray.

Pretty much all of the tracks were captured [as ideas], recorded, and mixed down in a period of two weeks. I do in general lots of editing on my music. I like detail and I want every element to have a specific use and give to the listener a wider view of my character, how I feel, and how I use my elements to make something happen in the track.

I tend to use the same audio on different tracks. As for instance 7.0.8 and Sentier have the same vocals or Sentier and Take Notes have the same saturated bass line. Although all 6 tracks are representing a different style or genre, I am still trying to keep them in context with similar elements; I’m trying to give a ”drummer” a more organic feeling in my tracks. I always wanted to be one, but it never happened!

My whole life, I have been a lofi-breakbeat junkie, trying to manipulate rap/punk vocals [my early influences is music as I mentioned above]. Most of the times, I record tracks that I would like to hear as a listener or on a dancefloor and believe me, I really enjoy listening to non-dancefloor tracks in a club. 

EFAE005 is sort of a mini album for me and as an artist I think when you show a wider piece of work with more material, you get to show a complete image of what is hidden behind. Obviously, the diversity of emotions inside of me is represented on this release…aggression, rage, love, sadness, melancholia, nostalgia, humor. The mixture of textures, styles, emotions, and clearly the continuous vocal manipulation are what I really feel like doing on EFAE005. For me Sentier is my favorite one and it is dedicated to someone I really love and helped me get my s**t together in life!


On music as a way of life

I’m not strict on electronic music. It’s endless and as much as you dig, the more you will get out of it. I never liked the perfect sound, but a perfect structure and context. The thematics of a track. I hear people, friends very often complaining about this and that; ‘I need this machine to achieve this sound…bla bla bla…’. Just do it with what you have and try to make it as good as you can. My humble advice is: try to be original and express yourself with what you have. Don’t be greedy, heads down, and work on it. One day you will get all your efforts back.

I have been inspired in my life by many things besides music of course, every bad or good experience has made me stronger and more creative. There are no limits or clichés and that’s what I’m trying to show with my work. Lots of people have inspired me, not only because of their music, but first of all as human beings!

I like being myself and I just want my music to be heard by and released from people that truly understand that it is a way of life and a strong cultural movement.

As a last word I would like to give a shout to my girl Maria and G.Salgado for making this happen!


I have attached couple of tracks that I love and have inspired me through all these years:

Chris & Cosey – Just Like You (1981)

Photo: Towers of Zemun

Andromeda Complex – Paris Noir (1994)


Le Syndicat Électronique – I Like You, You Love Me (2001)


Boards Of Canada – Chinook (1998)

Photo: Gardos Cemetery


Enhänta Bödlar – Förgiftade Förorter (2010)


December – Secret Edit (2017)