Reviewed: Eomac – Reconnect [Eotrax]

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Eomac – Reconnect [ETXLP001]

Eomac’s focus during 2017 has been among other things set on curating his Eotrax label. On Eotrax, he ensured an eminent stream of releases from artists as LAIR, the duo Lakker (Arad and Eomac), and more recently the unbelievable Protest EP by Kaltès and Nene H. After this moment of calm, we are enraptured to see the release of Reconnect, his first album on the Eotrax imprint. Breaching the boundaries of musical and societal expectations, we are witnessing a progression from his previous album and live act Bedouin Trax. Taking influence from cultures around the world, including his native Irish context, Eomac blends textures to formulate what can only be described as rapture. Unorthodox poly-rhythmic patterns are prevalent throughout, creating a sense of foreboding tension that initiates a tribalistic physical response from deep within. Structurally and emotionally, we feel locked into the album format in which each track seems to build upon the other logically.      


A1 Lower Your Gaze
A2 Ready To Die
A3 Language Has Failed Us
A4 Fall, Rise
A5 Other People’s Fears
A6 Resist All Dogma

B1 Cry Of The Planet
B2 Denounce Everything
B3 Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness
B4 Being, Not Object
B5 Earth And Sky

Within the commodification of knowledge and information, the human being is shackled into an atomized vessel of production. Networks have been relayed into demolishing agents of structures that once connected us as a society. Art is an interface of politics, both producer and consumer of information. Against this backdrop, Eomac poses an alternative away from the Anthropocene dominated environment, back to nurture the devastated connection with nature and society as a whole.

Musically, from the beginning of the first track, we are immediately met with Eomac’s glitched elements that were so prevalent on his Bedouin Trax record. The A-side of the record seems to be swaying in and out of complex percussion focused sequences. Resist All Dogma is the first call of tension with its ominous civil defense like siren. Foreshadowing cataclysm or simply testing the ears ability to decipher a sound prompts a natural human response of terror. The overall atmosphere on Denounce Everything leaves the listener gripping to whatever inkling of structure, as tortured and agonized souls seem to be ripped from their earthly vessels. Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness is maybe the most piercing track on this album. The layered screams are Eomac himself cutting through his anguish and frustration at the reality that corporate society has created for us all. The last track Earth And Sky offers some short-lived respite from the insane structure that the rhythmical aspects that these tracks have.

Like knives through flesh, this album seems to deliver heavy criticism to the formulaic electronic music that we have come to recognize as the norm. It is refreshing, otherworldly, and seems to live in a space all to itself. Eomac has delivered something singular with Reconnect. He is teasing us, pushing us to dig within ourselves to find something wild. A raw expression, a salute to all those that fought for freedom of expression and the urge to continue to strive towards life free from the chains that tie us all to societal standards and expectations. He urges you to Reconnect.

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