Premiere: Hiroma Keo – Desejo [ESITU Records]

Money makes it beautiful,
Money makes me old,
Money reassures even if I can’t count my wounds no more.
She’s putting on her high heels,
And my love tells me I’m beautiful in french Haute couture.
I will show her my skills.

Track list:

1 – Intro
2 – Cerebro
3 – Electrico
4 – Erro Ritmico
5 – Tecnico
6 – Desejo

EX NIHILO is the first EP produced by Hiroma Keo, made with material composed between 2016 and 2018. Attraction towards cold and organic aesthetics, weirds drums and glitches on dark and romantic atmospheres.

Mastered by at Angstrom Studio, Brussels.
The edition of 30 copies are silk screened and individually hand numbered. Silkscreened at Atelier Ice Screen, Brussels.