Premiere: Johan Carøe – failed circle motion [No Technique]

Having spent many years as a soundtrack composer, 28-year-old Johan Carøe now puts out his first solo release, ‘zenmetal’, a seven-track EP filled with minimalistic synth improvisations, tape loops, and sparse string and organ arrangements on the label No Technique.

While working on ‘zenmetal’, the Copenhagen-based composer and electronic musician sought a refuge from anxiety – escaping into music performed and constructed on intuition and a spontaneous whim, as opposed to the more premeditated and meticulous way of writing music for film. The result is a series of unassuming sketches that pave way to a deeper level of meditation in his music.


failed circle motion
used to be your favorite month but not anymore (w. Sofie Birch)
happy dogs (w. Gabo Barranco)
pink desert (w. Gabo Barranco)

Release date: October 17, 2019