Perfect Aesthetics


Perfect Aesthetics shares music from the upcoming releases. Compilation includes tracks from new projects as well as artists previously known to the listeners of the label.

“Soundtrack to the rains of October.”

1. Caerulea – Untitled (Unreleased upcoming)
2. Пожар – Долгий день (Unreleased upcoming)
3. Marble Bust – Breathingflesh (Unreleased upcoming)
4. Leonid Tulyakov – 6 (Unreleased upcoming)
5. Burning Pyre – Perfection Entière (Unreleased upcoming)
6. Klizaljka – Bothered (Version)
7. Alethe – With Good Intensions (Unreleased upcoming)
8. Меловые Горы – CD1.1 (Unreleased upcoming)
9. Online Anal Solutions – Cerf