Premiere: A Vague Gardener – Lines [Etang Brulant]


EB10 – digital only – A Vague Gardener

‘The Boy from Sasebo’ [佐世保から来た少年 : 村上 龍] is an immersion deep into the work of the japanese writer Ryu Murakami. Through seven of his books (from 1976 to 1998), A Vague Gardener aims to create a motley reconstruction of Murakami’s universe, a dripping and glittering maelstrom where pain and love are angry sisters. Crossing ambient territories and electronic arpeggios, this project in an ode to a sincerely disturbing author. It ain’t hard to tell that Murakami announced and described with his litterature the modern wandering of our globalized youth, and the human appetence for cruelty, risk and destruction. What if you’re lost, exhausted, shameful and depressed ? Read Murakami, and you will realize that you’re not alone. Never alone again in this jungle of trash.

“There in that pool stained with green blood, he had learned two things: one was that all the pain stopped when you stopped fighting death ; and the other was that as long as you could still hear your heart beating, you had to keep fighting back.”
― Ryū Murakami, Coin Locker Babies

1. Coin Locker Babies
2. Lines
3. Kyoko
4. War Begins Beyond the Sea
5. Almost Transparent Blue
6. Ecstasy
7. In the Miso Soup

RELEASE DATE : 08/03/2019 (8th March 2019)