Premiere: Annie Hall – Verd Mar [Central Processing Unit]

Longtime fans of Sheffield’s Central Processing Unit may well remember Annie Hall. When CPU dropped her 2016 EP Tenured Positions it felt like a perfect union of label and artist – the atmospheric take on classic electro that Annie Hall had presented in her previous releases for labels such as Semantica and Detroit Underground was very much in sync with the CPU sound. Sure enough, Tenured Positions was an instant hit with CPU heads old and new, and the record remains highly sought-after to this day.

Now, four years on from Tenured Positions, the Barcelona-based Annie Hall returns to CPSmith’s imprint with new EP Fum. Fum picks up where Tenured Positions left off. Snapping broken-beat electro grooves anchor Fum’s midsection of ‘D’un Altre Planeta’ and its title-track. ‘D’un Altre Planeta’ is the most lively cut on the EP – there is real bite to the drums here which recalls everything from B12 to Star Eyes to early-90s hardcore – while ‘Fum’s beats are more low-slung and come bolstered by an electro-funk-flavoured bassline. These two tracks are bookended by ‘Verd Mar’ and ‘Promeses De Fusta’, joints which straighten out their rhythms into more linear IDM-techno beats.

Release Date: 27th March 2020