Premiere: Balfa – Presionero [BLF Lab]

The Spanish sound enthusiast Balfa self-releases his debut album, “Perfecta Analogía De La Decadencia”, within his new project BLF Lab.

The album is an experimental, autobiographical work that rises from the artist’s experiences of living in Berlin for four years. Made with the artist’s handcrafted synthesizers and electronic machines, Perfecta Analogía De La Decadencia encompasses the sonic explorations from the moment of his arrival in Germany until the day he returned to his homeland.

Track list:
01. Corredor Aéreo
02. Auto-Introducción
03. Interludio Primero
04. Presionero
05. Segunda Introducción
06. Interludio Segundo
07. Afloración (CD/Digital Only)

08. Sobreestímulos
09. Tu Ansiedad Como Receta
10. Interludio Tercero
11. Afiladas Vergüenzas
12. Posmodernismo (CD/Digital Only)
13. Como Si De Agua Se Tratase
14. Y Lo Que Queda