Premiere: Ekin Fil – You, Only [Vaknar]

Premiere of the title track You, Only to be released on the Vaagner Summer Batch, July 1st 2019.

You, Only is a beguiling insight into the world of Turkish musician Ekin Üzeltüzenci and her debut release on Vaknar.
The album features a series of musical tapestries which prominently include live instrumentation in tandem with Ekin’s own voice, all of which has been fed through a series of tape delays, giving the final outcome a brittle and reflective tone.

Track List:

A1 Ekin Fil – Hope
A2 Ekin Fil – Other, Others
A3 Ekin Fil – You, Only
A4 Ekin Fil – Arise
B1 Ekin Fil – Scar
B2 Ekin Fil – Incident Light

About Ekin Fil:

After a stint of initial tape only albums which included the aforementioned ‘Heavy’, Ekin Fil went on the produce 4 albums for the Helen Scarsdale Agency. She was awarded “Best Original Film Music” for her first Soundtrack “Kaygi” at SIYAD, 2017 and “Best Film Music” for the Soundtrack of “Korfez – The Gulf” at Türkisches Film Festival in Frankfurt, 2018.
This year she released an LP of separate songs titled KOMA on the Stockholm based imprint Possible Motive.