Premiere: Ekman – Margin Of Error [Bedouin Records]

Premiere of Margin Of Error, taken fromĀ Ekman‘s forthcoming album ‘A Pastime for Semi Gods’, out on Bedouin Records.

Fog has no sound, but we make associations. When the dawn opens up, animal energy cracks bones to attention and into place. Drawbridges allow passage for the barge. A drum kicks. The drum intensifies. Above the barracks is hanging cold, damp anticipation, and there is a melody. The finest thing in the cabinet is coffee mixed with cardamom and some to-go sugar packets. Fog has no sound. Techno has no time of day.

Mastering: Goth Trad

1. Open
2. Thinking Code
3. If Than Else
4. A Pastime for Semi Gods
5. Metamemory
6. Margin of Error
7. To See You This Way
8. No More Conditional Elements
9. End Title