Premiere: FARWARMTH – Boundless Expansion (Kris Vango remix)

Kris Vango (Australia/Berlin) teams up with fellow experimental ambient artist Farwarmth (Portugal) for a touching remix elevating the subtleties of both artists’ immersive feminine soundscapes for a deeply moving piece of ambient electronic music. Kris Vango recently released their debut album ‘Ard’ on Golden Ratio Frequencies label, 7 tracks mapped to the chakras, inspired by our need to ground from technology and come back to earth to heal and incorporating his studies into metaphysics and yogic science. Kris Vango is set to release their next album ‘Mother Moon’ in the Spring, working with Cyrus label Honest Electronics and with the scene of queer left-field ravers on the island. A remix album for Ard is also expected in the spring with Farwarmth returning the remix favour on Vango’s track Ard.