Premiere: Fausto Mercier – LAZZZZERISM (r hunter Remix)[Genot Centre]

FULLSCREEN by FAUSTO MERCIER is, as the title hints at, a deeply immersive and undeniably full spectrum endeavor. With relentless showerings of razor-sharp kicks, precision-timed laser pulses and rubbery squeals, the overall construction is in the first place liquid, with individual sound objects having a flexible, plastic quality to them.

Sprinkled with stammering synth stabs, these tracks distill something infectiously clubby out of a boiling stew of high impact smeared bass hits, zooming metallic clangs and THX®-reminiscent sonorous light beams. Juicy, bubbling percussion on one hand confirms the radical malleability both grid and frame but paradoxically also leads to a heightened perception of a precision in arrangement, no doubt further cemented by the ultra HD sound design approach sustained throughout.

Finally, the album is interspersed with a collection of spicy re-imaginings by Genot Centre associates, featuring a stroboscopic slicing masterclass by Forces, a no holds barred club killer by Ice_eyes and a full-range scanned mortal dissection by r.hunter.

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