Premiere: FHM – Fluxstructure [Petrola 80]

Exclusive premiere

FHM – Fluxstructure [Petrola 80]


‘Embrace’ will be the first chapter in a trilogy of compilations titled ‘Embrace, Expand, Exchange’, to be released digitally and on tape. Featuring 12 Danish acts, both familiar and new to the label, Petrola 80 expands its catalog of forward-thinking artists.

FHM delivers a highly deconstructed piece, forging sonorous associations with imperceptible physics, both waves and particle.

Artwork by Laurits Hanak.

Release Date: 24th May 2018
Format: Cassette & digital

A1 Minais B – I Think Most People Here Know
A2 Tristan – Make It Stick
A3 Lyra Valenza – Bomber
A4 FHM – Fluxstructure
A5 Astrid Sonne & Xenia Xamanek – Feberite
A6 An Gella – Angelic Cash Flow
B1 Severin – Kontakt
B2 Panxing – Machine Of We
B3 Yelzin – No Safety
B4 Eridu – Recently Deleted
B5 Merdh Laleh – Restless Victory