Premiere: Hypnoskull – 1432 [Monolith Records]

Exclusive premiere of Hypnoskull‘s track ‘1432’ off the new Neurosmasher compilation out on Monolith Records, with:

Rell ft. Eramo
Second Tension
Countermeasures Electronics
S0D ft. MXM
Sirio Gry J
Fire At Work

“Neurosmasher is a tool to tamper with the mind perception process. Exploring dissonances it’s possible to alter and smash perception by using or abusing frequencies and modulations. An extensive meaningful showcase of acrobatic experiments based on those not-defined sound happenings known as “noise” by definition the contrary of “sound” intended as a meaningful and defined happening, instantly readable and understandable.
Noise is neither the signal nor the message, but the disturbance; it poses a fundamental problem for information processing and affects all aspects of nervous-system function. The neuronal networks are affected at different levels, while multiple noise sources contribute to cellular and behavioural trial-to-trial variability, distorting perception normal sound will no longer trigger any emotion due to its smallness and monotype.
On the other hand, the compulsive need to discover and interpret the undefined, unknown and unlimited shapes that this ‘matter’ is able to take it’s answering to the growing need of freedom of the 2.0 human; the challenge is to forge the dark matter towards something perceivable as a meaningful happening, somehow definable and quantifiable because constrained within boundaries outlining a shape.”