Premiere: Istigkeit – All Your Hopes Are Delusional (Meer Remix)[Istigkeit]

Ritualistic expression of motivated suppression, Meer‘s interpretation of the original seeks a no-nonsense outlet curated by night’s terrors.

“Universal Poison is Istigkeit‘s first EP on his own imprint. For this big first, Istigkeit has decided to unveil some early works which were originally supposed to be out on the label of a fellow artist who unfortunately put it on a hiatus.

The release takes dance music down a dark alley and mostly offers dancefloor-unfriendly beats.
The whole piece can be described as a blend of cold broken techno and industrial music with black/doom metal influences. It is composed with four original tracks and four remixes by Meer, Töria, Halv Drøm and Nigh/T\mare.”