Premiere: Jim Haynes – An Isolated Failure [Audio Visuals Atmosphere]

Jim Haynes – An isolated Failure, off his new tape ‘Inconclusive’ out on Audio Visuals Atmosphere.

A black curtain of sawdust swerves over a colloquy of chiming aches. Outside the horizon burns in a maroon red, speculating over the rise and fall of each action.

Muscular tones emerge as aerial abstractions, mechanical arrangements are measured without generating any resolve. The sediment of decades is gathered in an industrial installation of manufactured discharge. Brutalist dynamism approaches as planned pulses resonate within the sonic vertigo.

C38. Edition of 55.
Release date: 05/04/2019

Track list:
1 Blotched
2 And Then, Theranos
3 Through Diana’s Stare
4 At Nerve Ends
5 An Isolated Failure