Premiere: Mats Erlandsson – Dali In Sapphire [Vaagner]

‘4-Track Guitar Musicʼ is the unassuming title of a cassette by Swedish composer Mats Erlandsson, which was originally released on Kali Maloneʼs and Maria W. Hornʼs XKatedral label in 2018. Composed using only, as the album title implies, a 4-track tape deck and an electric guitar, the music was later modified on the computer and re-amplified in the machine hall of a disbanded Swedish iron mine. Contrary to the albumʼs modest title however, the music is a tour-de force of exuberance and stoic catharsis, continuously bordering on a sense of ecstatic serenity, sincere contemplation and restraint.

Now Vaagner is proud to present the work on vinyl for the first time via a fully remastered reissue of ‘4-Track Guitar Musicʼ, with the Double LP including a bonus track by Mats Erlandsson which was not included on the original release.

Mats Erlandsson – 4-Track Guitar Music (2xLP) releases on the 12.2.21