Premiere: metra.vestlud – gunaratana [ФАКТУРА]


metra.vestlud – gunaratana off the upcoming release ‘hydrogen life forms’

All organisms on Earth consist of carbon and water. We represent carbon-based life forms. Alternative biochemistry studies the possibility of the existence of other forms, completely different from the ones emerged on Earth.

‘Hydrogen life forms’ is a sound picture, a fantasy about the existence of music as a separate life form. Sound design lies in the core, the timbres were reached thanks to an extreme amount of sound delays: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Delay. As a result of merging sound layers with these effects, the sound becomes alive, constantly changing, organic.

metra.vestlud: “I’ve always loved the sounds of water, I feel an incomprehensibly strong attraction to it. In this album, I tried to express my love for it as well as to electronic music, to unite two passions”.

Release date: 18 Feb, 2019
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Faktura is a Yekaterinburg based local electronic music cassette label.