Premiere: Mikkel Oldrup – Untitled#4Millioner [No Technique]

The Danish pianist and electronic producer Mikkel Oldrup will release his debut EP, Fanshawe’s Praise, on No Technique on March 15th.

Following his debut single Pcb_bly earlier this year, Mikkel Oldrup is expanding his emphatic blend of synths and syncopated rhythms with the introduction of breakbeats and drum machines on his new EP.
The three-track digital release is Mikkel Oldrup’s concoction of year-long jam sessions, examining the connecting dots between otherwise opponent harmonies; between ambience and club beats, between sorrow and euphoria. With just one release to his name prior to Fanshawe’s Praise, Mikkel Oldrup has quickly proven himself to be a meticulous craftsman of ambience, creating delicate layers of organs, synths and manipulated samples.

On Fanshawe’s Praise and So Rude The Flowers, however, the soothing synth patterns are met with rampant drums, bass and modular theremins, resulting in rapid yet contained climaxes. Couched between the two former tracks, Untitled#4Millioner is the product of a few elements: Mikkel Oldrup sombrely playing a piano in front of a wall of field recordings and stretched samples.

Besides an upcoming album by Mikkel Oldrup, No Technique is looking forward in 2019 to release material from former Angelo Badalamenti collaborator Johan Carøe, Peter Jørgensen, Emil Duvier and more.

Track list:
Fanshawe’s Praise
So Rude The Flowers

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