Premiere: N1L – fang mark semantics [Self-Released]

Versatile A/V artist and producer based between Riga and Berlin, N1L intersects eclectic “club” music experiments with post-industrial psychedelia and intense alien soundscapes. Having recently been focused on independent self-publishing, his previous releases have also been put out by acclaimed labels such as UIQ, Opal Tapes, among others.

ПОТОП (“potop”, or deluge in Russian) presents seven pieces encapsulating dark apocalyptic themes, each setting the scene for a disorientating sonic landscape that references the genesis flood narrative found in the world’s ancient mythologies. Centered on Earth’s return to a pre-anthropocene state of watery chaos, this allegory illustrates both punishment for man’s mortal sins as well as new beginnings born from the washing away of everything that has reached its final, obsolete stage — the message of which is increasingly relevant today.

Release date: September 15th, 2019
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1. потоп
2. fang mark semantics
3. 8bit telekinesis
4. reality distortion field
5. cracks in the monolith
6. disrupt the karmic cycle
7. universal cannibalism of the sea