Premiere: Nihiti – Techno Tai Chi (a world unto itself edit) [Kepler 452b]

Nikola Tesla quotes “If you want to find the secrets of the universe , think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Kepler Gods are those who master the essence of energy, vibration and frequency through the practice of Techno Tai Chi*. Their finest creation—a debut double vinyl album–is now ready to be presented to the world.
Kepler Gods are interdisciplinary artists trained to become Spiritual Techno Queer icons, produced by a community based in Berlin called Kepler 452b. Named after the recently discovered, potentially habitable super-earth planet, this community names as its mission the transportation of humanity to tomorrow, to the potential of Kepler, to the collective dreamworlds made possible by our joined imaginations and actions.

How do they do it? By creating immersive, interactive dreamworlds aka performance-raves around the world. The aim of these events is to create magical spaces for the top 300 intergalactic influential ravers to connect with each other and open the next chapter of humanity.

Initiated by artist Ma Li in 2017 in Berlin, Kepler 452b has hosted 14 art happenings in 6 major cities in the context of electronic music and art festival, and cultivated members around the world. These fully orchestrated events are presented as journeys to planet Kepler. By raising the vibration and frequency, Kepler gods assist their audience as they reach for their highest authentic self-expression. The journey is essentially a joyride; raving through the transformation offered by personal freedom and collective action. When individuals complete the upgrade to super-self, humanity today takes a step toward super-Earth.

If you want to experience the unique Kepler vibes but haven’t had a chance to join our events, you can now do it from home! With collective wisdom, Kepler 452b has pressed a special edition double-vinyl from Kepler artists around the world. Your journey of deep listening will take you flying through the screamings over the old city of Jerusalem, floating up to a state of intergalactic weightlessness, then landing on Rollerberger Straße in Berlin. The journey is an unpredictable trip traveling between time and space, heritage and future, death and lucid dream.

The album curates an interesting mix of artists, from Berlin Queer Icon MIKEY, to Chinese Empress of Techno MIIIA. From hidden talent Google nerd National Park System, to energetic Middle Eastern flavor Tropikal Camel.

The philosophy of the community is explained by the title, 八仙过海,各显神通 (8 gods crossing the sea, each demonstrating their unique superpower). Borrowing from a Chinese idiom of a folklore, the story is a metaphor for a community of talented, powerful individuals that genuinely support each other in their highest pursuit—a community of collective-individualism.

*Developed first as a series of participatory performance, Techno Tai Chi is a practice created by Ma Li to raise vibrational frequency by channeling and transmuting positive energy.

Kepler 452b

Kepler 452b is a “super earth” located 1,400 light years away. It has liquid water and sunshine and an environment that humans could potentially inhabit.

Kepler 452b is also the banner name of multi-location art happenings within the context of electronic music and art festivals. There are fully orchestrated dreamlike spaces which blur the lines distinguishing performer and audience. By generating positive energy to raise frequency and vibration, audiences are inspired to reach their highest self-expression and land on planet Kepler metaphorically, emotionally, and spiritually. Analogous to a great space migration, the journey is an internal process, upgrading one to the super-self that inspires a personal and collective transformation.

Kepler 452b is also an artist and humanist community based in Berlin with members around the world. With the philosophy of Techno Tai Chi (Techno is the freedom of authentic self-expression and unification, Tai Chi is the balance), interdisciplinary artists are trained to become Spiritual Techno Queer Icons, aka the Kepler gods.

Kepler gods are intergalactic influential ravers that master the secrets of frequency and vibration. They are the bright warriors who defeat evils and sufferings by generating positive energy and manifesting the vibes on planet Kepler. By creating new structures for exchange, education, and family, Kepler gods are on a mission to co-design a better future society based in compassion, sustainability, love, and collective-individualism.

Imagination, Transformation, Manifestation.
From today, we can already live on Kepler while we are still on earth. See you on Kepler!