Premiere: Penelope’s Fiance Ft Cybermission – La Fuerza [License To Love]

This EP contains a clear difference between the A,- and B side. On the A side you can listen to club-floor tracks composed by Bellatrix? These two tracks come along with a strong bass line and higher synth notes. The beat keeps you moving and the moods surprise you with a variety of emotions.

On the side B, Penelope’s Fiance together with Cybermission composed three raw tracks, recorded in the way that we like it from Penelope with vocals from Cybermission, which make you think of all the memories you have with those you loved.

Anger, fear and sadness; this EP has it all!

Side A:
Bellatrix? – Purple Nails
Bellatrix? – She Hides Many Things

Side B:
Penelope’s Fiance ft. Cybermission – Emo Reset
Penelope’s Fiance ft. Cybermission – La Fuerza
Penelope’s Fiance ft. Cybermission – Te Miro Y Me Miras

Release Date: Dec 2018
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Format: Digital & Cassette