Premiere: Safa – Folded [Modular Mind]

Exclusive premiere

Premiere: Safa – Folded [Modular Mind]


the hero antagonised by the crippling sense of void imploded as an act of revolt. a social demand of loneliness enforced a barrier leaving no one to witness the sonic reverberations emitted by the event. malaise spread quickly but the hero did not succumb. unable to crawl in the direction of the light. laughter was generated by the deceased. agony lifted the souls of their attempt. there were no structures as far as the eye could see. there was no future. the present was vivid. the hero suppressed all her desires and slowly crumbled upon herself to form a block of a hybrid texture. indifferent the hero disappeared. away from infinite contagious landfills she stood listening to the desperation of the world. towards the end at the concrete flood laughter was heard again. she had nowhere else to be. slowly she morphed into stone and whispered cries that forever bathed in her morose surrender.


Sonic venture into the complexity of physical spaces and human interactions.

Debut LP “The Subtleties Of Elevated Things” from Safa pressed on 180 g 12″ in a ltd edition of 300 copies w/ inlay artwork by Maria Kassab and text by Judy of Seas on Modular Mind.


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