Premiere: Vague Voices – Armor [Amek Collective]

Premiere: Vague Voices – Armor off their new release ‘Гробник’

Vague Voices is a collaborative project between Stefan Bachvarov (Cyberian) and Angel Simitchiev (Mytrip). What initially started as a commissioned live performance for Sofia Game Night 2018 – an event dedicated to gaming culture – was further expanded due to their shared interest in subjects like video game sound, depressive club music and black metal.

The result is ‘Гробник’, a varying full-length that inhabits multiple realms of of contemporary electronic music. The name of the record comes from an old Bulgarian whose meanings range from an elderly person approaching their death, a mythic vampire-like creature or а grave-digger.

‘Armor’ was the last piece, recorded during the writing sessions for ‘Гробник’. It’s a powerful representation of the music found deep within the album and yet it leaves enough to the imagination.

‘Гробник’ is due on April 22 on tape & digital via Amek Collective.