Retrospect: Zenevloed invites Aufnahme+Wiedergabe

Photo gallery below, pictures by ©Roger NBH/413

Friday April 13th we hosted our last event of the season 2017/2018, inviting the label Aufnahme+Wiedergabe from Berlin. Known for their groundbreaking approach in EBM, wave, industrial, and especially the cross-pollination between these genres, they released many records throughout the years. By doing this they have brought these sounds to a wider public and have inspired many. Representing the label we saw Chloé Lula, Codex Empire, and SΛRIN play alongside our resident Kujo.

Visually we were supported by Sophia de Jong, bringing smooth natural landscapes to the harsh concrete environment of Radion. Upstairs we hosted a new art-installation by RandomZine, highlighting the new dawn of Man. In the hallway we had a visual loop by the wonderful Aska Welford. Artwork for this event was also done by RandomZine.

Thanks to Radion for the support, the label, the artists, and of course everyone who attended.