Reviewed: 0N4B – dots [augsmatic diaspore]

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0N4B – dots [augsmatic diaspore]

0N4B’s music has been a rare find of boundary pushing music with true abstractive power. The works of this duo under this pseudonym tell a tale oscillating between ambient harmonies and glitchy post-structuralism. This style is a continuation from their solo efforts, trying to undermine normative compositions, which are absolutely not related to a specific genre. dots is a very fragile sounding album, reminding us of some Ryoji Ikeda output, relying on the listener’s ability to appreciate the delicacy of the provided soundscapes.

augsmatic diaspore is a Spanish label concentrating specifically on this type of abstract electronics. Their artwork seems to delve into scientific territories, pairing well with the cool-sounding sonic experiments.


1. dotdotdotOne
2. dotdotdotTwo
3. dotdotdotThree
4. dotdotdotFour
5. dotdotdotFive
6. dotdotdotSix

As rational as the tracks themselves, the track titles give away no additional emotion or interpretation. dotdotdotOne is a constant looping, yet evolving, piece, relying on the clattering, layering, and flipping of once familiar field recordings. After the opening, dotdotdotTwo picks up on some speed and introduces claps to demarcate a weird, wonky beat. Unbelievably small, serene, and maybe even cute-sounding is dotdotdotFour. Dreamy bubble-like bells are echoed in a chamber, teased in the distance by ripping rattles. Halfway through the tempo changes immensely, but the comfortable atmosphere is still very much present. If the essence of warm, sweet nostalgia could be fitted in one track, then this would be a good nominee. The album concludes itself with dotdotdotSix, a nice outro for the microscopic landscapes we just have witnessed. Fitting are the chopped humanoid vocals, which forms a guiding light to reconnecting with ‘normal’ human speech after such a trip.

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