Reviewed: A. Dixen – Death Tapes vol. 1 [ØEN Records]

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A. Dixen – Death Tapes vol. 1 [ØEN Records]

A.Dixen’s Death Tapes are a bittersweet release into inner latitudes, so intimate to us that they become increasingly foreign. As the motions of our society become automated, violent diurnal cycles internalized, the simplest questions on life and living become the boldest acts of resistance.


A1 – On the beauty of physics
A2 – A system to end all systems
A3 – Capitalism is a slowly dying symphony
A4 – The death of self
A5 – The birds the birds
A6 – Eulogy for a city
A7 – In its place

B1 – Contemporary significance
B2 – Vibration & control (Issue 53)
B3 – Low earth
B4 – All of a sudden it’s another world
B5 – Fever pitch
B6 – Let the ruling classes tremble

The cassette released mid March on the Danish ØEN Records takes its time to lead the listener past tonal landscapes of moral scarcity. Intentionally drowning in movements; stretching, dragging, and pulling. The work under the name A. Dixen takes note of the precise composition, dense pads, and airy synths in his other aliases and collabs, however turned infinitely more dark. The drones on the opening track On The Beauty of Physics make emotional coldness familiar and a near-meditative state, until a soft guitar wails and arrests. Picking up this intensity by isolation, A System to End All Systems mimics echoing machinery, rusted in their joints, a chaotic assemblage overcome by a brave new world.

Continuous throughout this release, breathtaking, fluttering heartbeats (Capitalism Is A Slowly Dying Symphony) touch base with swelling testimonies (Eulogy For A City). The B-side references a more eclectic/electric range of downtempo electronica, seeking a maximal expression in height and depth.

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