Reviewed: Ancient Sound II VA w/ Au-déla du soleil noir, Phooka, ArchivOne,… [VLWL]

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Ancient Sound II VA w/ Au-déla du soleil noir, Phooka, ArchivOne,… [VLWL]

“Ancient life was all silence”

“La vita antica fu tutta silenzio.
Nel diciannovesimo secolo, con l’invenzione delle macchine,
nacque il Rumore.
Oggi, il Rumore trionfa e domina sovrano sulla sensibilità degli uomini.
Per molti secoli la vita si svolse in silenzio, o, per lo più, in sordina.
I rumori più forti che interrompevano questo silenzio non erano né intensi, ne prolungati, ne variati.
Poiché se trascuriamo gli eccezionali movimenti tellurici, gli uragani, le tempeste, le valanghe e le cascate,
la natura é silenziosa.”
— Luigi Russolo

Vein Label White Limited presents their second Various Artists compilation, honoring the diverse experimental sounds of producers the label associates itself with most. Italy proves time after time to be the breeding ground of some fresh deconstructions of the modern mainstream. Carried out with elegance, this VA builds upon Ancient Sound I. Both seem to have had the intention to remain mostly a mental exercise for the affiliates. Stretching the possible range of ritualistic, primitive sounding textures, informed by the vast history of the Italian country. As it seems, time and the constant polarity between the past and future keeps to fascinate artists.


  1. Au-déla du soleil noir – Prélude
  2. Phooka – Easterlin Paradox
  3. ArchivOne – Module
  4. Alexey Belan – Espansione Temporale Negativa
  5. +/Another – INCIPIT VITA NOVA, Ovvero La Trasfigurazione Della Morte Mediante L’amore
  6. Useless Position – Visceral
  7. MON – Untitled
  8. SÆDEM – Iter In Tenebris
  9. Nigh/T\mare – Leaving


The nine tracks on the VA showcase a good effort done by VLWL to compile a set of productions in tune with each other’s character. All good in their own respect, there are a few very interesting sounds which we felt the need to pick out. Easterlin Paradox by Phooka seems equally informed by the organic brand of techno M_REC represented, as well as the type of darkness Samurai and Horo put out. A nice switch in tempo occurs after about halfway into the track. Very fresh outlook on the future. Alexey Belan’s Espansione Temporale Negativa might be the track reminding the most of white noise and atomic particles clashing in a state of hyperactivity. INCIPIT VITA NOVA has a delicate, dreamy aesthetic relating much to the early output on the Italian label Blackwater, which now sadly doesn’t exist anymore. Finally, MON presents with Untitled a pastiche of heavenly church organs, warped organic sounds resembling frantic birds, and the ominous sound of gunfire. A three minute long amalgam of personal memory.

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