Reviewed: Angelo Harmsworth – For Argand [Vaknar]

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Angelo Harmsworth – For Argand [Vaknar]

For Argand, released mid 2018 on Vaagner’s sublabel Vaknar, is an arresting double-act founded on the fringes of noise and ambient. The USA-based musician Harmsworth has perfected his style of fragile storytelling through his compositions for acclaimed labels like Summer Isle, Strange Rules, and his own Lime Lodge. For Argand is best comprehended as a diptych, in the tradition of his earlier works Parades & Changes and Overture Untitled.


A1. Angelo Harmsworth – Untitled I
B1. Angelo Harmsworth – Untitled II


Untitled I opens with a foray into wintriness, windswept soundscapes. Bodies dragged through morning mist, guided by stringed instruments and an occasional tape crackle. An anxious, slow loop repeats itself as a chained mantra of guilt. Untitled II offers the other side of the story, where the overall atmosphere does not miss the initial moody quality, yet seems to resolve more. A drone backed up by distant field recordings conducts a lighter, spacious mood, growing more intense as the voices in the field recording become louder. This continues until a status quo is reached, where emotions are equally recalled and suppressed through time.

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