Reviewed: Anthéne – Divisions [ROHS!]

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Anthéne – Divisions [ROHS!]

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Divisions is the newest release by Toronto-based Bradley Sean Alexander Deschamps, also known as Anthéne. Divisions carries the same cinematic quality as his earlier output, yet distinguishes itself from releases like Repose and Aurora in terms of textures and more dynamic usage of melody. Aside from his personal releases, Deschamps has brought out familiar faces like Celer, Endurance, and Forest Management on his own label Polar Seas Recordings. Divisions is part of the Lontano series on ROHS!, a new ambient division of the Berlin based label.



A1. Cast
A2. Sunray
A3. Restless
A4. Eclipse
B1. October
B2. Divisions
B3. Radio Static


Divisions evokes a strong sense of longing, strange fernweh to no-one knows where. It’s an amazing road trip tape, for the early misty morning or the late, cold star-speckled nights. Cast is a detailed piece resembling this slow and comfortable immersion into unfamiliar territory. Stepping into calm, yet deep, water and hoping for the best. Sunray is a guitar loop filled epic, growing bolder and more hopeful with each iteration. After these tracks, the mood on the A-side evolves toward darker territories. Restless and Eclipse are magnificent dark ambient gems, painting stretched spacious landscapes.  

B-side’s Divisions is the introverted climax, relying on more defined field recordings to add to the tension created. Beauty, sadness, the wonder of stillness.

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