Reviewed: Ayarcana, Keepsakes – Music For The Vitriolic Age [HAVEN]

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Ayarcana, Keepsakes – Music For The Vitriolic Age [HAVEN]

Music For The Vitriolic Age is a no-nonsense soundtrack for contemporary dancefloor revolts. Whether they are aimed at oppressive, violent governments, or a more personal fight against the 9 to 5 reality, the EP caters with an angry, noisy palette of techno. Both Ayarcana and Keepsakes have been no strangers to these types of sounds. They have contributed musically to the rise of the new age Industrial Techno, hard and fast, on labels like Pls.UK, S.L.A.M., and MORD. It therefor isn’t a big surprise that Ayarcana is invited to appear on this split, pushing forward the sound HAVEN intends to bring with its output.

A1. Ayarcana – Face Struck With An Axe
A2. Ayarcana – Conflict
B1. Keepsakes – Populist Piss Pot
B2. Keepsakes – Narcissists From Space


Face Struck With An Axe is a bold statement, a piece to which you could imagine metal toe leather boots stepping on today’s norm. The synth slaps like a Hardrock guitar solo, face-grinding and menacing, especially coupled with the punching kick. This is definitely a nice take on Industrial Techno and one of the most interesting Ayarcana tracks to date. The A2 Conflict honors a better known Ayarcana style, with military double kicks, acid line, and noisy continuations. Definitely ready to tear up the raveyard.

The B-side is curated by HAVEN co-owner Keepsakes. Taking it a bit slower, Populist Piss Pot reaches a deeper atmosphere, maintaining it carefully when the noisy synth line sets in. The drum and kick combo about halfway through betray the tracks EBM influences, nicely combined with the existing techno-leaning vibe. Closing off is Narcissists From Space, taking the rolling, warm drum as main feature, mixing it with a nice tribal groove, bit Randomer-like. Overall, the A- and B-side work quite well together, serving the same noisy, fierce aesthetics in a highly personal way.

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