Reviewed: Barks – Mortifying, Imaginary and Symbolic Theatre Remixes [Rodz-Konez]

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Reviewed: Barks – Mortifying, Imaginary and Symbolic Theatre Remixes [Rodz-Konez]

BarksMortifying, Imaginary and Symbolic Theatre original release saw the light in early 2018. The original album is an intense offering in line with the other produces on the Rodz-Konez label. Where Shameful is a percussion driven, airy composition juggling with tempo, tracks like Stop People lean on the industrial dub side with powerful stabs. Throughout the album the paranoid switches between light and dark play a key role. Now, the remixers have had a huge amount of particular elements to play around with, added to the diversity among each other. Quite a nice detail: the title of both the original album and remixes EP is derived from Gilles Deleuze’s Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia (“Shit on your whole mortifying, imaginary, and symbolic theatre”).



1. Stop People (Inigo Kennedy Remix)
2. From Thinking (T-Scale Remix)
3. From Thinking (Death Abyss Fucking Punk Remix)
4. Stop People (Tomohiko Sagae Remix)


Inigo Kennedy’s remix of Stop People straightens out the pace to one clearly bearing his own signature. Layered on top are the ‘Inigo Kennedy’ bells while the noisy off-beat percussion links to the original. T-Scale on the other hand switches to fifth gear on the dark dnb and broken techno twist of From Thinking. Superb, spacious dynamics with harsh textures.

Same track, different interpretation by Death Abyss. Here From Thinking fully makes use of the grainy materiality. The original melody is interlaced with sweaty vocals, making it indeed very fucking punk. Finally the Tomohiko Sagae, one of the current masters of rhythmic noise, does what he does best on Stop People. Metallic grinding and cult-like rhythm still using the original textures and percussion.


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