Reviewed: Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa – Caused Corruption & Spilled Blood [Voidance]

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Chafik Chennouf & Katsunori Sawa – Caused Corruption & Spilled Blood [Voidance]

Chafik Chennouf and Katsunori Sawa encounter once more, this time extracting a full EP on the Berlin label Voidance from their ongoing collaborations. Sawa appeared on the LEYLAVA002 and recently LEYLAVA004 and as we might have noticed the VA’s on Chennouf’s label predict to the close follower who might return to collaborate. Both Sawa and Chennouf have a taste for broken, existentialist techno, at times bordering on full noise or tight ambient. Especially nice to discover is the work of Sawa on his previous 10 LABEL, co-managed with Yuji Kondo. Circling around the theme of shared tastes yet different contexts, Sawa and Chennouf both immerse their sense of place into the new output for Voidance. The young label itself has made an implicit statement for the occult and ethnic with its first release by Meer, which is now being picked up by Voidance002.


A1. Same Script, No Solution
A2. Third Degree Arson
B1. No Divine Saviour
B2. Sects

The release derives its dark energy from emotions and anecdotes on humanity’s destructive potentials, especially informed by the long legacy of Abrahamic religions. Undoubtedly, this sentiment will resonate closely to many listeners, since critique on human nature is and has been part of our daily life. Same Script, No Solution ushers in a stretched, echoed vocal, setting quite an atmosphere to open a release with. Something vicious is bubbling and brewing beneath the surface of holiness, pierced through by a high pitched electric tone. Third Degree Arson distorts familiar sounds to an uncanny, schizophrenic call from the void, much like Chennouf’s offering on Opal Tapes fall 2017, before going on to No Divine Saviour. Impactful through the usage of the call to prayer by the muezzin, which is then being teased and twisted throughout the track. Sects closes with an audible version of a wasteland full broken machines, slowly fading out to nothing.

Caused Corruption & Spilled Blood stays away from the danceable and gives room for intense questions to manifest themselves through the provided atmospheres. This record is definitely not an apology for human corruption.

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