Reviewed: Corazón de Robota – Infinitud Oceánica [Zona Watusa]

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Reviewed: Corazón de Robota – Infinitud Oceánica [Zona Watusa]

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Corazón de Robota is a project born out of love for DIY synths and a general experimental approach towards visuals, electronic music, and the sustainable reuse of electronic components in this process of making. The Chilean Constanza Piña integrates dance, sound performance, and participatory works, with the overarching subversion of the usage of technology as a male ideology. Zona Watusa again presents a daring release, manifesting support for the underground and true DIY ethics.



1. Radiación Del Fondo Cósmico
2. Eco De Luz
3. Vientos Estelares
Infinitud Oceánica is drenched with glorious wonder for the remaining mysteries of our planet. The organic, primal energy vibrates throughout the work, as if the used equipment breathes life itself. The noise emitted in Radiación Del Fondo Cósmico indeed sounds like a recording of the underbelly of the Big Bang, ongoing and becoming more and more structured as the noise soup evolves.

Eco De Luz evolves the narrative further from this point, where gases collide, stars are being formed, and the heartbeat of the universe starts to be heard.
Finally, Vientos Estelares intensifies this beat into different patterns, a beautiful variety of life.
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