Reviewed: Dead Fader – Jenny153 Remixes [Parachute Records]

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Dead Fader – Jenny153 Remixes – Parachute Records

By Pietro Negri

Parachute Records, renowned for its previous releases from CW/A, Go Hiyama and South London Ordnance, cemented their label at the forefront of experimental techno and avant-garde IDM.

Since the first release on the label, a remix package of Clockwork’s breakthrough album B.O.A.T.S. – Based On A True Story on Manfredi Romano’s Life and Death, the Milan-based label managed to find a healthy balance between introspection and raw vulgarity that allows artists to run loose with their wildest creations, freed from the shackles of conformity. This time it’s three distinct, high-quality remixes that caught our attention. Dead Fader’s intriguing fourth LP titled Jenny153 was followed up by a remixed EP, Jenny153 Remixes, that is rich in artistic range and experimentation. Roly Porter, JK Flesh and Konx-Om-Pax are charged with reinventing three tracks that will either drive you mad or will release creatures buried deep in your subconscious.

The remix package kicks-off with the roughest cut, JK Flesh’s take on FYI. Justin K Broadrick transforms this track into a distorted EBM-infused techno piece appropriate for the darkest of settings. Whilst the already captivating original thrived with its stuttering distortion and exaggerated bouncing kicks, Justin gives it a cleaner structure but maintains the grittiness that lets FYI emanate that raw energy. Allowing this remix to infest the dancefloor could prove lethal. Roly Porter’s take on ‘Raw Food’ almost seems to question your sanity. What he does best is his optimal use of empty space, the absence of sound and its contrast with eerie noise that, as with 4101 from his stunning Third Law LP, infuse the stress and nefariousness in his works. This track is no different. Dead Fader’s original Raw Food, overrun by a mysterious tone of high-pitched noisy broken beats, was one of the stand-out tracks of the LP. The remix elevates it and turns it into a menacingly eerie sample of insanity, powered by the humanization of his machines reminiscent of a tortured alien form. An ironically pleasing snapshot of the auditory equivalent of a decline towards madness. The final rework, Konx-Om-Pax’s remix of Life Cycle, brings us back to our peacefully relatable reality. Dead Fader opened this track in serene IDM fashion but then extended into grimy distortion similar to an electric guitar on a monotone, industrial loop. Konx-Om-Pax maintains the relaxing, pensive melody but reduces the track by removing its evolution towards gloom. It seems to act as a sarcastic reward for sustaining the intensity and madness of the two previous reworks. A welcome euphoric and innocent closing to a uniquely defining EP.

Jenny153 Remixes allowed three distinctly different artists to showcase their own individual flavour. Diversity is key in this release, as the tracks could easily stand alone but almost find harmony through the extremities of contrast when played sequentially. Parachute Records, as well as the artists it collaborates with, keep pushing the boundaries of experimental electronic music whilst catering to both the absurd and the delicate – a duality perfectly exemplified in this release.