Reviewed: Embrace VA w/ Minais B, Tristan, Lyra Valenza, FHM, +++ [Petrola 80]

Reviewed: Embrace VA w/ Minais B, Tristan, Lyra Valenza, FHM, +++ [Petrola 80]

Words on contemporary releases. Seeking to offer an honest description of works which manage to exist in their own space and time. 

Featuring 12 Danish acts, both familiar and new to the label, Petrola 80 expands its catalog of forward-thinking artists with the new VA Embrace. While doing this the label interlinks itself with other contemporary crews and artists within the scene, such as the experimental Anyines crew, Khalil-H20P, and Posh Isolation. We can expect some solo releases from the contributors to this VA, underlining the importance of consistent cooperation within the creation of a scene.

The compilation focuses itself on showcasing a typical deconstructed, hypermodern sound which has become synonymous with this new wave of Danish artists. The embrace is both a beautiful metaphor of the acceptance of the various, yet intra-informative sounds within Embrace and also a play on the old Microsoft adage Embrace, Extend, and Extinguish.

1. Minais B – I Think Most People Here Know

  1. Tristan – Make It Stick
  2. Lyra Valenza – Bomber
  3. FHM – Fluxstructure
  4. Astrid Sonne & Xenia Xamanek – Feberite
  5. An Gella – Angelic Cash Flow
  6. Severin – Kontakt
  7. Panxing – Machine Of We
  8. Yelzin – No Safety
  9. Eridu – Enter Bay Area
  10. Merdh Laleh – Restless Victory


All the tracks in this VA display a very unique style, and are as enjoyable solo as when listened in sequence. Due to this freedom, it makes sense to pick a few favorites from the tracklist to discuss. Anyines affiliated Minais B. opens the compilation with a slow, atmospheric track, making use of stretched and layered sounds of string instruments. The harsh elements in I Think Most People Here Know perform in the cloudy layers like the eyes of intrusive spectators. In turn, FHM delivers a highly deconstructed piece, contrasting the other tracks so far in terms of vibes. Fluxstructure is forging sonorous associations with imperceptible physics, calling upon the duality between waves and particles. Representing the ambient counterpart within the Copenhagen scene is Angelic Cash Flow by An Gella, a track fabricated from ethereal light. The vocals weaving in and out provide a nice human interface to a lush, otherworldly surrounding.

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