Reviewed: Endurance – Cloud, Castle, Lake [Cosmic Winnetou]

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Endurance – Cloud, Castle, Lake [Cosmic Winnetou]

Cloud, Castle, Lake is an otherworldly tale recounting vast plains, where sky and land merge into a single never ending horizon. The Canada-born, Japan-based Endurance has been quite prolific in the years his project have spanned, yet it is safe to say that the new Cosmic Winnetou release is of unrivaled beauty.



A1 Cloud
A2 Castle
B1 Lake
B2 Room


The tape is a purifying agent, channeling the spirit of Vladimir Nabokov’s writing. Four tracks serve as auditory landscapes, where time is of lesser importance except for the notion of its existence. Cloud is the element of Air personified. Lightness, stretching to infinity, usher the listener into unknown country. Castle builds upon noisy drones, echoing yet quite distinct from predecessor Cloud in the way it channels its spaciousness.

On the B-side, Lake is a crystalline pool reflecting its surroundings in sharp tones. An underwater world is being transmitted, with liquid tones of blue transgressing the lake’s edges. Room concludes with an isolating minimalism, focused on total introspection, gripping in comparison to the start of the journey.


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