Reviewed: Eomac – Reconnect Remixes [Eotrax]

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Eomac – Reconnect Remixes [Eotrax]

Over a year after Eomac released his Reconnect album on his own imprint, featuring mind bending, unorthodox poly-rhythmic patterns (reviewed by us here), we have the pleasure to cover the remix album as well. Bringing together an eclectic selection from the (also geographically) widest corners of the experimental electronic music scene, Eomac shows once again that pushing the boundaries and repping allegiances can be very much intertwined.

01 Transmutation, Redemption, Forgiveness (Errorsmith Remix)
02 Resist All Dogma (Kyoka Remix)
03 Ready to Die (LAIR Remix)
04 Lower Your Gaze (Renick Bell Remix )
05 Denounce Everything (Nene H Remix)
06 Fall, Rise (Okkre ‘rush RISE’ Remix)
07 Being, Not Object (Eomac VIP)
08 Language Has Failed Us (Dylan Henner Remix)

Eight remixes, all quite singular in their approach but tied together by the source album and its usage of vocals and percussion. Enough amazing material to pick a few personal highlights for this review. The remix package kicks off by a frantic pastiche by Errorsmith, who takes on Transmutation, Redemption, Forgivenes; one of the most intense originals. Interlacing it with some schizophrenic screams, Errorsmith doubles, or triples, up on the percussions to create a truly crazy adventure. Only for the brave DJs out there.

Berlin/Tokyo based Kyoka reworks Resist All Dogma into a futuristic punk workout that leaves the listener behind with sweaty palms. We can definitely recognize the signature chopped layering, delays, and vocal echoes, which later blend into something siren-like, fading into deafening silence.
Okkre on the other hand, similar to LAIR, goes full-on shaman ritual with the percussions, creating an inescapable environment. Uge Paneda teleports us to another world, where bodies shake incontrollably to her will. Much recommended for all the “deconstructed club” workers.

Out on digital formats on June 14th, 2019 on Eotrax: