Reviewed: First Blood V.A. w/ I Hate Models, Dj Varsovie, Inhalt der Nacht, +++ [RAWC1]

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First Blood V.A. w/ I Hate Models, Dj Varsovie, Inhalt der Nacht, +++ [RAWC1]

The French agency RAW has over time grown out to be one of the biggest supporters of the new wave in techno, acid, and industrial techno, representing over forty artists in both their main agency and the Lab division. Having started small by pushing the sounds of mainly French acts, who were by then filling secret warehouses with big kicks, they now also represent legendary acts like CJ Bolland and Umwelt. This four part compilation showcasing most of their roster is the definition of a mammoth undertaking. However, this review takes it a bit slower and concentrates itself on the first of the four parts.



1. ABSL – Le Perçant Arcus
2. DJ Varsovie – Devil In Love
3. I Hate Models – Pray For Lust
4. ILLNURSE – Befriedigung
5. Inhalt Der Nacht – Erwachen
6. Lars Huismann – Entropy
7. Mayeul – Synchronize
8. Mørbeck – Reverse Runner
9. Tim Tama – Unrelenting Assault
10. Under Black Helmet – Essential Patterns


The compilation has the quite menacing name First Blood, in spirit of the dark ritual clubbing nowadays has become. ABSL opens with Le Perçant Arcus, a gritty industrial techno track with a sweeping melody, which immediately sets the atmosphere for the rest of the tracks to come. In his distinct style DJ Varsovie changes up the pace to a very pleasurable punky EBM beat. The vocal element, recurring in multiple DJ Varsovie tracks, is reminiscent of Oliver Chesler’s while the melodic synth breakdown adds some needed melancholia to the otherwise stone cold Devil In Love.

Something entirely different is delivered by I Hate Models. The clanging of metal on metal is the first very distinct sound in Pray For Lust, which then is taken over by a fast, groovy pace and noisy guitar, reminding a bit of the work by Marco V (see the track C:\del*.mp3). As the final track in this review, Lars Huismanns Entropy too presents something related to progressive trance or hard trance (see the artists Brainbug or Ariel) with a nice wonky beat and strong acidic bits. Very surprising and strong rave track.