Reviewed: Information Flash – Information Flash [KUDATAH]

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Information Flash – Information Flash [KUDATAH]

Upon hearing a while ago that Marco Perez, better known (but still not known well enough) as Information Flash, would release another EP, many people of our regular crew were ecstatic. It has been our ritual for a long time to pass WIPs* to one another, most of them would remain unfinished. For the tunes that did finish, we all hoped that some label out there would take notice of the hidden genius in the raw kicks and playful flips of known melodies.

The style of Information Flash characterizes itself by this insane creativity, combining a plethora of styles demeaned by many as ‘guilty pleasures’ (jungle, donk, trance to give a few examples) with a freshness only provided by a producer who knows what he is doing, but doesn’t take himself too seriously. We haven’t seen many producers do the same thing as him, so it is quite difficult to give a position among contemporaries. That is why it is necessary to trace back his musical influences to understand the eclectic sound of Information Flash. We take you to Southern France, Toulouse and its surroundings to be precise, where a Spanish producer in his mid 20’s lives. A multitude of illegal forest raves, hearing jungle breaks, emotional trance and raw techno junts through obscure channels on the online web during the night. This soup of sounds have had worthwhile implications and are digested into Information Flash’s unique style.

To say that the Canadian label KUDATAH is the right fit for his craziness seems a slight understatement. Experimental in all senses of the word, KUDATAH has had a steady output of forward-facing genre-melting releases. True to their collaborators, every release is a collective effort to DIY in the most professional way.



  1. Control
  2. Mental Confusion
  3. Lies
  4. Black Market
    5. Smoke Mid (Go Stupid Mix)
  5. Slow Jungle Tip
  6. Untitled (feat. ress 93)
  7. Dreamland


Information Flash is the new millennial’s guide to guilty pleasures, or euphoria 2K. The first track, Control, opens with a very dominant hat amen break flip and carries this all the way through the track; an intelligent house tool. We hear a rearrangement of all traditional jungle elements paired with a heavy delicious bass, chopped vocal and carefully correlated calms before the storm. Mental Confusion takes us deeper into the breakbeat groove, showcasing a typical Information Flash break chop which could also be witnessed on his first release on Kudatah. Acrobatic madness of the highest degree.

Lies is probably the emotional highlight of this tape. A flipped version of the Niche garage classic ‘You’ve been cheating and telling me lies’, or for those who know the pink YouTube video. Pumped up with lots of sassiness, a big nod to an influential predecessor. Black Market and Slow Jungle Tip are relatively calm and apt for home listening, the latter brings the pace again to a level for club manifestation. We get a good rave education and a healthy dose of friendly collaboration on Untitled with the German producer Ress93. Ress93 too is a master of beats and brings his expertise of euphoric clout layering into this track. Closing this throwback club journey is Dreamland. Unrivaled sunrise vibes, delicious vocal, wobbly bass, wonky groove and happy (but sad that the party’s over) claps.

Information Flash is the self-titled witness of Information Flash’s ability to work towards a coherent release, be bold all over without losing control over the very powerful musical styles he refers to. Knowing how much passion he puts into his work and on top of that gracefully putting a collab track with a friend in the album, it’s a joy to be able to review this.




*Work in Progresses