Reviewed: Keepsakes – Perspectives From A Sterile Hellhole w/ Ansome remix [HVN001]

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Keepsakes – Perspectives From A Sterile Hellhole w/ Ansome remix [HVN001]

Perspectives From A Sterile Hellhole is a logical push forward from the effort Keepsakes has made with the New Zealand club night Haven. Embracing the term DIY to its fullest, Keepsakes and Jaded Nineties Raver have set out to reintroduce European tastes in techno-oriented music to their home country. Now aiming for physical releases on the similarly named label Haven, Keepsakes continues to do what he does best: producing hard-hitters with a passion that can be sensed halfway around the world.

The first release on Haven has been brought out in January 2018 aims to give back to the very underground scene of New Zealand’s techno producers. This can be very interesting. Even though the internet age has brought the distant lands closer in terms of communication, not many producers from New Zealand have broken through the densely populated electronic music landscape we can enjoy here. To start off from a very personal (and quite literal) perspective is a bold way to set the standard for the future.


  1. Mind Your Manners Munted Millennial
    02. Maximum Mind Control
    03. Pick ‘em Till They Bleed
    04. Pick ‘em Till They Bleed (Ansome Remix)

Mind Your Manners Munted Millennial is immediately very recognizable as been made by Keepsakes. The distinct kick pattern, sometimes off beat to add in a wonderful groove. The stacking of textures and synths working towards a great build up, with timely releases. This is definitely made for the crowd to indulge, to remind them how a party should be sparked. Maximum Mind Control surprises with a very fresh drum pattern, slightly taking up influences from UK heavyweights like Randomer and Objekt, but still not failing to present an industrial taste. On about 1/3rd the build up presents itself, with a groove which relates to late 90s/early 00s techno. This track is one that must have been made for amazing nights out. From there on the progression gets quite intense, more distorted, and we return to a fully contemporary take on industrial-oriented techno.

Pick ‘em Till They Bleed on the B-side quite literally presents the dark side to A1. Grabbing a chunky synth-line and pairing it with meaty, swung drums Keepsakes puts together a straightforward banger, reminiscent to his track Easy Now. So what might happen if the fellow connaisseur of techno bangers Ansome puts his hands on Pick ‘em Till They BleedAnsome’s remix picks up from the strained synth line and goes in with a dark, rolling, and very current interpretation of the track. The kick and half step pattern, slower and deeper, is of superb quality and relates to the Berlin and London scenes. The intermediate patterns screaming through are part of the Ansome signature sound, showing all in all a very good balance between influences.

The first output on Haven turns out to be a peek into, hopefully, the rise of an independent New Zealand scene actively conversing with European and American counterparts. The Haven future is imagined from a gritty, wonky, sterile hellhole.

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