Reviewed: Losing Hands VA w/ Anthony, Isorinne, KP Transmission, Lower Tar, S S S S [License to Love]

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Losing Hands VA w/ Anthony, Isorinne, KP Transmission, Lower Tar, S S S S [License to Love]

License to Love takes no prisoners with their very first output. A various artists comprised from a fine selection of producers, delivering each their own take on the various moods of love, or the attributes to loving and desire. The provided spectrum is also partly rooted in the origin of the tape label, hailing from Rotterdam, where a much rawer West Coast sound is appreciated along ambient, EBM, and post-punk. The Dutch scenes in those niches are rearing their heads, with the younger generation taking up the forefront, resisting the false call of mass-consumer electronic music. Specifically in Rotterdam it proves to be a harder challenge. Funding for actual representation in the cultural sector is lacking and the roots of the city in Hardcore lead to caricatures of any new endeavor in the harder spectrums of techno. Support is thus needed for the true underground.


1. Anthony – No Access
2. Isorinne – Ingen kunde någonsin
3. KP Transmission – Drowsiness
4. Lower Tar – No Tears
5. S S S S – Love

Going back to the contents of the release, we kick off with No Access by Anthony, showcasing exactly this pushing of Dutch talent provided by the younger generation amongst themselves. No Access takes notions of the new EBM wave, and instills it with a fresh layering of modern nostalgia. The echoes of vocals stream throughout, backed up by a strong, immersive synth line. The calmer parts give off a very uncanny vibe, which makes this first track one that keeps the listener emotionally locked in. Isorinne’s Ingen kunde någonsin is a piece which then stands apart from the first one stylistically, yet has the same aura of intensity. A heavenly track, the organ is full of a tired passion, a wonder unseen, daily joy, muted colors, captured much alike a deadpan photo.

Picking up the pace again, the Russian KP Transmission fires a delicious breakbeat-ambient exchange towards us, reminiscing a very drowsy morning after. Lower Tar and S S S S then solidify the ongoing experimental moods with two very dark anthems for love. Where Lower Tar’s No Tears is a stoic, noisy denial of emotions in love S S S S brings Love as a direct missile towards the heart. In its brutal honest force, it is a statement, a hopeful cry for unity.

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