Reviewed: Lyra Valenza – Scan, Deliver [Opal Tapes / Petrola80]

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Reviewed: Lyra Valenza – Scan, Deliver [Opal Tapes / Petrola80]

The Copenhagen duo Lyra Valenza presents an intricate debut EP with Scan, Deliver. The record is not simply an encounter with broken beats and post-rave, but dives deep into the sonic possibilities of (deconstructed) club music, as we are used to from both Petrola80 and Opal Tapes. Those who have had their eyes on Scandinavian labels like Posh Isolation and Euromantic should by now have informed themselves of Petrola80 and their great releases.



A1 – Down Not Out
A2 – Need My Space
B1 – January Airdrop
B2 – Reality Blizz


Pushing the limit again, we can link Scan, Deliver to their earlier track on the Embrace VA, Bomber. Playing with hard hitting kicks, echoing vocals, and alternating pitches, Bomber forbade the four track endeavor. Down Not Out, is the ice cold, daring entrance which similarly skillfully takes elements from different genres, like a hardcore influenced melody and larger than life arps on top of two step broken kicks. Need My Space is a fierce warper, utilizing chopped vocals with a drum piercing bass and hyperactive trance synths. The track conveys an entirely different, more playful, mood, while retaining a nice glossy, winter chill.

The B-side is in this case definitely not the side to overlook, with absolute bangers January Airdrop and Reality Blizz. Both are very much shaped for the club environment, albeit their experimental character, with fast paced kicks maintaining a danceable vibe. January Airdrop has all the elements of an euphoric trance anthem, as they used to be constructed for large festivals like Trance Energy, combined with the lush goodness of contemporary production. Reality Blizz (video by Camille Doussy), arguably the most emblematic track on Scan. Deliver and surprisingly the closing one, nods heavily toward happy hardcore claps, vocal, and melody until this fat jungle break pierces through, lifting the mood to impressive heights.


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