Reviewed: Newa – CDT002 [Chineurs de Techno]

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Newa – CDT002 – Chineurs de Techno [2017]

Music always goes hand in hand with emotion. During creation as well as the transference, a connection with a muse is made. Where exactly this inspiration lies differs highly among releases, yet the force behind Newa’s offering for Chineurs de Techno are the emotional implications and complexities behind Georgian culture and in a more specific sense, it’s societal change. Enveloped in the mystic vibration of Georgian natural surroundings, this EP takes you away on a 21st century shamanic trip.

Newa is a a young Georgian producer and she is believed to take 2018 by storm, with a full EP scheduled on the highly acclaimed label Semantica Records. Her earlier releases have been on labels like Fabrik Music and Sub.Spiele. The rise of Georgian musicians was only a matter of time, regarding the blossoming of electronic music culture there. Especially the Tbilisi techno scene has been duly written about. Yet, who also has submerged themselves in studying the pattern of such countries emerging from a long hibernation (like Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia and Kosovo) has seen that this concentration of energy does not come without a price.

Chineurs de Techno has originated from the French La Chinerie crew, representing a group of rare record enthusiasts on- and offline, who not too long after also started to promote events. In 2016 they have released their first physical record and now have diverse sub-labels spanning a wide range of genres. All done in a direct and honest format.

The EP opens with And They Went To The Mountains, an atmospheric interlude to the trip Newa is preparing us for. When looking at her past productions, she proves herself a master of ambiance, very much related to the output on labels like Silent Season and Hypnus Records. The voice elements add a haunting element as the acid loop intensifies in strength throughout the track. Moonless takes us deeper with it’s driving vibe, continuing on the same tonality as the previous track. Fit for peak time in dark clubs as well as self research in abandoned forests. Nothing is a sophisticated, minimal interlude to the thumping sound of Ghala Taina. Hints of more abrasive styles are found in this euphoric last track, forming a worthy conclusion to a high quality journey.