Reviewed: Nuyileq VA [End of Perception]

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Nuyileq VA w/ Hydrangea, Yuka, Viels, Blazej Manilowski, Cliche Morph, Concept of Thrill [End of Perception]

The newly formed label End of Perception (EoP) offers their take on the atmospheric techno genre with their first VA named Nuyileq. Carefully composed to serve as a manifesto for their vision, Francesco della Sala and Viels invited some of the contemporary talents within this scene to contribute. Originating from different parts of the world, From France to Russia, their music is as border-less as the imaginative exercise of EoP. The label combines raw contemporary techno with ambient and atmospheric elements, focusing on natural influences. Elements that surround us daily, immersive experiences translated to a musical form is what EoP attempts to achieve.


  1. Hydrangea – Lucid Dreams
  2. Yuka – Dark Crystals
  3. Viels – Divided
  4. Blazej Manilowski – Different Path
  5. Cliche Morph – Diversion
  6. Concept of Thrill – Spatium


The first track immediately carries us to an intimate atmosphere, as if we are introduced to an aquatic underworld. Hydrangea, an artist known from her output on Semantica and Silent Season among other things, which provide tracks as deep and paced as Lucid Dreams. Opening up a passage to another form of awareness, we are then introduced to Yuka’s darker interpretation of the VA manifesto.

Her previous release on Silent Season Episodes of Yesterday left a great impression on us. Detailed, combining a mechanical touch with a breathing and living heart. Dark Crystals is a mysterious endless stream of thoughts, almost like a chant in the midst of impressive surroundings. Divided by label co-owner Viels then takes it up a notch by a driving loop, designed for the heat of night and dancers out to lose themselves within a ritual. Approaching the end the track takes a turn for an absolutely intense experience. Very enjoyable. This momentum is held by Different Path, an introspective burner with a persistent kick drum.

Within this VA, Diversion and Spatium arguably are the tracks that lean most toward a more industrial influence. It can be counted as the darkest edge within the spectrum Nuyileq presents. Previously unknown to us, Cliche Morph from Belarus proves to be a nice surprise.

The experience Nuyileq offers is one which can be enjoyed as a whole, a trip to the shadowy realms where the artificial and natural collide. The tracks are also of great use in individual manner, as components to guide you through the night.

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