Reviewed: REX KYED – REX KYED [Infinite Waves]

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REX KYED – REX KYED [Infinite Waves]

The self-titled LP REX KYED from the newly formed experimental Danish duo harbors the emotion of the everlasting in-between of life. The back-and-forth movements, the limbo of misunderstood feelings, missed connections, comfort of reaching a destination, and the melancholic awareness of molecules never really touching one another.

The two members of REX KYED, Anders Rex and Peter Kyed, originate from the Copenhagen punk scene, and have later on taken a significant part in its experimental scene. By the start of the millennium Anders Rex formed the krautrock-inspired electronic group Svartbag with Niels Ladefoged, of which Peter Kyed became a member in 2005. They distinguished themselves by the droney walls of sound, layers upon layers of warm guitar sounds. At the moment Svartbag is on an indefinite hiatus, and the members have taken up their own projects, which have become successful. The REX KYED LP has been in the make for some time, and found its home on the Danish label Infinite Waves, known for their emotive ambient gems from Grøn, Assembler, and Isorinne.


A1. Seat 11 F
A2. Wait
A3. Departures
B1. Youth
B2. Arrival
B3. Exit

The LP can be read in several ways, either a continuous story line, a journey, or several snapshots of a life in becoming. It can harbor warmth, regret, grief, loneliness, love, anticipation. Thus this review is more of a personal interpretation of the music, and we encourage the reader to make their own story/stories while listening. The expertly composed drones and field recordings will guide you through. Seat 11F makes use of a humming Lufthansa jet engine recording, transitioning to shrill tones, leading to skies above. The piano evokes a sense of weight being released, before the lift off occurs. Again, the layering of sound and voice remembers of the chaos in one’s mind being released when departing for a destination, abruptly choked to a silence. Wait is the brief moment of complete in-between before the rumble ensues again, the comforting feeling of knowing that everything is out of reach. Departures feeds off the anxious shuffling, click-clacking, with cold stretched drones evoking an innate heaviness, maybe even sadness, of leaving a space. Subtly the arrangement changes to the visual remembrance of sunlight on your face, sweet resignation, acceptance, moving away from the voices.

The B-side starts off on a different tone. Made from much shorter bursts of energy, Youth is blooming anxiety, lack of concentration, enclosed within a track. Arrival again stretches the images in one’s mind, slow, unnerving, intrusive, intimate. Then voices, footsteps, shouts, chatter, rumbling are melted into the landscape. Warm and welcoming. The last title, Exit Airways, has hollow, cold, heavy tonal arrangement of organ sounds resembling howling winds and its innate sadness.

REX KYED is soothing, yet at the same time highly precise in waking up the acute sense of brevity that it might be in itself the perfect memoir of transition.

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