Reviewed: Selm – Kreise [Opal Tapes]

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Selm – Kreise [Opal Tapes]

Making their debut on Opal Tapes, Selm present an ruthless bass-heavy audio assault through 12 tracks. As usual Opal Tapes does not scurry away to present and represent this type of drone minimalism, disguising itself as nihilism in the loops used, yet full precision and emotion. Traveling throughout the recordings, it feels like attending a live concert, crystal clear, tactile, immersive, violent, and extreme.


Track list:
A1 Blood
A2 Sand
A3 Zu
A4 Esche
B1 Selfsub
B2 Douglas
B3 Erle
C1 Weissdorn
C2 Efeu
D1 Vishnu
D2 Ahorn
D3 Kirsche

It is highly recommended to listen to the entire tape on high quality speakers or headphones, to get the full experience from the amazing textural patterns presented. The first track Blood reminds of the latest JK Flesh live performances, heavy on drones produced by guitar and bass, repeating itself, you could even  hypnotizing through the drone chant. Sand is an abrasive textural exercise, meant to sound like it feels, rough, small, crunchy, sandy. Zu in turn draws in influences known from The Stone Tapes’, Horo’s, and Samurai’s wobbly dark dnb output. Again, pretty amazed by the impact small changes in tonality bring.

Douglas on the B-side is heavy on rolling sweeps and cuts, which we can link to Katsunori Sawa’s latest style on Leyla and Opal Tapes. Similarly, Efeu exercises minimalism, but the muffled drum washes over with an uncomfortable sense of anxiety.

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