Reviewed: Seraphim Rytm – Prayers By The Lake [Mirae Arts]

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Seraphim Rytm – Prayers By The Lake [Mirae Arts]

Prayers By The Lake is a meditative trip through frozen time. The record is crafted by Seraphim Rytm, a surprising alias of Belgium-based Damaskin, who is quite known for his abrasive, acid infused techno released on labels like Unknown Precept, Noiztank, and 10 Label. As his Seraphim Rytm project, the productions are unmistakably lush, surrounded with an air of mystery that suits the low-key attitude of the moniker.
Being a new label concerned with “D.I.Y. culture with firm attitude and strict policy”, Mirae Arts inhabits the detail-driven, contemplative side of the techno spectrum. The early roots of this D.I.Y. affinity lay within the musical history of the founder of the label, Hysteric Agent, who has releases on Total Black and New York Haunted. Also Damaskin’s Seraphim Rytm is a relatively new project, with its first album Aeterna brought out on Silent Season hailing from 2015.


A1. Prayers By The Lake I
A2. Prayers By The Lake II
B1. Prayers By The Lake III
B2. Prayers By The Lake IV


Prayers By The Lake I is a moody, atmospheric opening track, reminiscent of the cold Scandinavian ambiance given by early Acronym and Abdulla Rashim. However, this seems to be slightly more layered, with intricate, detailed loops. The length and repetition urges the listener to treat it as a meditative state, patience is thus required. Prayers By The Lake II is a very interesting track, presenting urgent sped up melodic lines weaving together to ambient, compressed noise.
On the B-side, Prayers By The Lake III goes stylistically towards contemporary output on labels like Silent Season, with ethnic influences, like the Indonesian gamelan style. Prayers By The Lake IV closes the B-side with a beautiful composition around a field recording of flowing water. Going quite deep, the track does remind of early ambient trance works, like a slowed down LA Synthesis or Humate.


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