Reviewed: Silver Age People – Flags and Crosses [Gooiland Elektro/Enfant Terrible]

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Reviewed: Silver Age People – Flags and Crosses [Gooiland Elektro/Enfant Terrible]

The artwork, showing a burning peace sign, already hints at the dark overtone of this record: a shout to the dark spiral of post-truth, navigating neoliberalism, and other ‘big themes’ that seem to circle our society at the moment. Silver Age People, a collab between Enfant Terrible label head M. and Roberto Auser, presents us the best of both of their worlds, while pushing their own limits even further. Mixing influences, genres, vocals into one melting pot, Flags and Crosses could be the exciting soundtrack to our current dystopia.


A1. New American Church
A2. Innocent
A3. Sin
B1. Body And Soul
B2. Raghira
B3. Shadow And Mask


The record seems to align to a dichotomy of mind and body, or principle and action. A1, New American Church, is laden with a retro synthwave ambiance. While the menacing vocal chants statements to abide, the synth builds up a gruesome terrain. The sentiment is carried over to Innocent, halving the pace, combining the minimal electro it with post-techno elements. Sin is a bold, industrial fueled, futuristic church anthem. An intense reckoning, opening up the space for the physicality on the B-side.

B1 and B2 are sweaty, apocalyptic arrangements, burning with the lack of the clear amendments heard on the A-side. Instead, we are taken back to primal noise and rhythm. Shadow And Mask is an exceptional closing, offering this deranged industrial rhythm with a persevering ambient undertone.

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