Reviewed: Sirio Gry J – Posthuman Condition w/ Somatic Responses remix [Monolith]

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Sirio Gry J – Posthuman Condition w/ Somatic Responses remix [Monolith]

‘It is now clear that humans are no longer the most important things in the universe, that their knowledge, creativity and intelligence are ultimately limited.’

Posthuman Condition is a punch in the face of the Anthropocene, vouching for a new understanding of the human place within the processes around us. Not fully a call for ecological thinking, it rather sets out to imagine a future with the human as one of many machines performing within an oppressed structure, inspired by the artist Alessandro Bavari. This structure is carved within a duality between order and disorder while, as stated in the accompanying excerpt of Robert Pepperell, there is no such thing as duality. It can rather be seen as a repression of the Other or othering symptoms of processes. Apart from the quite strong thematics in his work, Sirio Grimaldi aka Sirio Gry J has made name for himself until now by releasing dark beat-driven pieces of techno, informed by the industrial scene, on labels like Liber Null and his own Monolith Records.


A1. The Electronic Warfare
A2. Antibionic Resistance
B1. Oversynthetik
B2. Oversynthetik (Somatic Responses Caustic Mix)

The release opens with The Electronic Warfare, which throws in a nasty synth line with a wonky ghetto-electro beat. A demanding vocal chants a Big Brother call to war. A1 is very pleasant surprise given the obvious connections made with EBM and Industrial upon reading the release statement. Antibionic Resistance takes this fury and translates it to a harsh industrial techno landscape. A highly enjoyable energy when the bold electric guitar comes into play, making no pretenses other than it being modeled for the darkest dancefloor. The b-side consists of Oversynthetik and the Somatic Responses Caustic Mix. The crackly noise and warped vocals overruling the systematic kick gives Sirio’s original a bit of an organic vibe. As if the human machines finally consider nature to be a part or their legacy of existence. Somatic Responses’ interpretation is the manifesto going full circle. Weight is added to the kick, which then is sliced up to resemble a natural state of chaos. About a minute in one of the most mind blowing parts within the EP ensues. Scratching and skewing distortion overlap something which sounds like a dying internet connection back in the 90s. Horrific and brilliant.

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